When Visiting Parallel Universes, bring Beer

I feel like I’ve read a LOT of science fiction and dark thrillers lately.  I’m certainly not complaining. I feel my obsession with them is a healthy one. (Says the obsessor 🙂 ) Due to this, it will come as no surprise that I’m reviewing two of Peter Clines books – 14 and The Fold.  But first…. we need drinks! Trust me, reading these without an adult beverage will leave you wishing you had grabbed one before you sat down.


Pat’s Tap is a Gastro Pub/Skee-Club located at 3510 Nicollet Avenue in Minneapolis. Plenty of indoor and patio seating. I’ve been a handful of times and the patio is always full, but even when busy, I’ve been able to get a table or a place at the bar without a wait. The inside is open with low lighting.  The bar takes up most of the far left wall with open floor seating and benches as you move into the space.  Good for a night out with friends or a date night. You will find mixed reviews on Yelp, but like I said, I’ve been several times and I’ve never had a bad experience or didn’t like the food or drinks I had. ❤

The best part of this place is the Skee-Ball games.  They have four lanes for your enjoyment – and only costs you a quarter! They also have a pool table, but lets be real, we’re all there for the skee-ball!


I like a good sense of humor, so I suggest checking our their site if you are on the fence about trying it. They also offer a large variety of drink choices, including some very good local options, and a large menu of great food!

I tend to stick to the local Minnesota beers, just because I think it’s fun to try out the local options.  One of my favorites is the Steel Toe Brewing Co. in St. Louis Park, MN.  I did live in SLP at one point so I may be location biased, but either way, a very good Golden Ale! Other drinks also tried at our table: Finnegan’s Irish Amber out of St. Paul, MN; The Peacock (Hendrick’s gin, creme de violette, rose water, black pepper, Cava) – – this drink was pretty strong so if you are not a lover of strong liquor flavors, probably not your drink; Aphrodesia (Agavales tequila, passion fruit, Damiana Liqueur, agava nectar, fresh lime) – – this drink we pretty and tasty! I don’t usually like drinks with tequila as a main ingredient, but this one was very good. Definitely, recommend!


Since we were in a group we decided several dishes from the Small Plates menu would be more fun. They have a good menu outside of this so definitely check it out! Dishes we tried: Potato Skins (Smoked Gouda, sour cream, bacon); Frites with roasted garlic aioli; Pretzel with spicy mustard; Meat & Cheese Plate (spicy mustard, spicy pickles, prosciutto, salami, buffalo sausage, blue cheese and smoked Gouda) (Honestly, I am winging what was specifically on that plate, because I forgot to take notes….sigh…forgive me!) I’ve also tried their burgers on different visits and they were yummy!! I love a good burger ❤


Now that we’ve got our minds nice and buzzed with drinks and food, we can dive into some Peter Clines novels!  I chose to combine both 14 and The Fold into one blog because I loved both and couldn’t make up my mind! Sooo…. you’re welcome 😀


14 follows Nate, a guy who hates his job, is broke, and isn’t having much success in the girlfriend department to boot.  So when he’s told about an apartment with low rent, friendly enough tenants, and is “livable”, he moves in without much hesitation.  As he starts to get to know his neighbors, he starts to see the apartment building itself isn’t all it was made out to be. Cockroaches with far too many legs, a kitchen light that acts as a black light, apartment dimensions that couldn’t possibly fit within the building…the list continues!  These mysteries build up until an explosive ending. One I didn’t see coming!

It was a book that was difficult to put down.  I started listening to this one through Audibles, but ended up buying it in paperback form, because sitting in my car in a parking lot just to listen makes me look crazy 🙂 (Admittedly, I’ve done this many times anyway.)

This is a very fun science fiction thriller. If you approach it closed-minded in a “no way that could ever be possible” 1) why do you read science fiction(?!), and 2) you will most likely not enjoy this book.  But if you can set that aside, it’s so good and one I will read again!

The biggest plot twist/reveal happens about 3/4ths of the way through the book.  I have seen some reviews that felt the book could have ended shortly after this and still have been good, but I’m a reader that always ponders on the “after the big reveal”.  What happens with the characters? How did they move on after all this craziness? etc. So for me, I like when a book doesn’t abruptly end once the big reveal takes place. This just added to my love of the book.

I was an instant fan of Peter Clines after 14, so when The Fold was published in June 2015 I knew it would be a must read.  It did sit on my TBR pile for awhile, but this pile would make a hoarder proud, so it happens and I’ve lost all control 😀


When discussing these two books with friends we go back and forth about which one we loved more.  For me, The Fold hands down! I love a good story involving multiple dimensions. (See my review of Dark Matter by Blake Couch if you don’t believe me!)

The story follows Mike, an everyday guy who is also a genius.  When approached by an old friend to help with a mystery revolving around several DARPA scientists and a device called the Albuquerque Door, Mike sets his quiet life aside and heads to the California desert.  The Albuquerque Door uses a cryptic computer equation and magnetic fields to “fold” dimensions, essentially shortening distance so that a traveler can travel hundreds of feet with a single step.

Over time, and as the mysteries build, they begin to realize that the Door may not be as safe as they hoped or functioning the way they originally thought. I was completely immersed in this book within minutes of starting.  I finished it in three days because I could not put it down! (I know some people can finish a book in day, but three days is really fast for me 🙂 )

The best part of this story, aside from the concept, are the characters.  You get to know them all in different ways.  You see their obsession with the project, their doubts, their fear. It is really well written. I will be rereading this one as well — so back on the TBR pile they both go!

With both 14  and The Fold, I apologize for the lack of details. There is no way to go into an in depth review without giving away key parts of the story.  Just know they are really great, fun, heart pounding reads! Also, know that when I suggest having a beer or glass of wine while reading them…I’m not kidding! 😀

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7 thoughts on “When Visiting Parallel Universes, bring Beer

  1. Great post! Of course, I can’t visit this joint…but I want to!!! I loved 14 so much, and yes…beer is needed. What a wild ride! When we finally find out what’s down there…i couldn’t put that thing down at all. Which is probably not advised by the Department of Transportation if you are operating a vehicle. And The Fold is great, I just feel like it didn’t have the same level of intensity as 14. But they’re both so damn good, that i will read Clines’ next book as soon as it’s released.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I completely understand why you loved 14 more. It definitely as more intense moments. The Fold was better to because of the concept. I’m fascinated by all books that tackle the multiple universe thing! 🙂 thanks for reading my blog 😊


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